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    Bug Buster News

    Friday May 24, 2024

    Have you seen our commercial?


    So many times, people call our office with complaints that it smells like something died in their walls. So many times something DID die in their walls and it’s usually a rodent or possibly a bird. Naturally, their very next question is, “Can SWAT come out and get rid of the odor?” and we have to tell them that we can’t. The reason we can’t is because of a couple of reasons…Unless you want us punching holes in your walls to retrieve whatever is behind there (which, actually we don’t recommend or do) it’s best to just let it go and try and deal with the smell for a few days, even up to a week depending on the season. What we usually tell our customers is they should try and either burn a candle or use a room freshener until the smell is gone.

    Again, the smell can last longer or shorter depending on the season. It’s even happened that the pest has died in one of their heating/air conditioning vents and boy, does that stink ever y time the unit comes on! Rodents can and do go behind walls and climb up and down the walls and joists so don’t think they just stay in your basement or garage. So if the smell is particularly strong in a bedroom or bathroom, just be patient and the odor will be gone soon. We bait for mice and get rid of them but we do pest control, not odor control – – sorry!

    Clean House, Dirty House, it doesn’t matter!

    So many of our clients, especially first time customers, repeatedly tell us their house is so clean they could eat off their own floors. That’s awesome but pests REALLY don’t care! Pests want what we have which is food, water and shelter. So many, many pests including roaches, ants and rodents can fit through tiny cracks and crevices in search of all these things.

    Another comment from our first time customers is they’ve NEVER had any bugs inside ever. As incredible as that may sound, we believe that they may never have seen any on the inside but they’re there! All pests usually start from the outside and it doesn’t matter if you home is completely built of cement like a prison, they still get in. Ants LOVE it if your home is built on a “slab” of cement.

    So, don’t take it personally that some bugs are inside your home. That’s where we come in – – call SWAT and have a trusted, certified professional service your home.

    Mickey & Minnie Mouse

    Walt Disney did a good thing when his vivid imagination created these lovable mouse characters. However, it’s not Mickey and Minnie that will be visiting most homes and buildings this winter. Mice are warm blooded creatures and guess what? They like staying warm inside your home!! Besides keeping up with your normal maintenance service and not going past due, there are a few things that the homeowner can do to ensure that these not so cute rodents stay out of your home or work space.

    Make sure that all trees and shrubs are away from the house and not up against it. Do not stack your firewood against the house or inside your garage. (The piles of wood make great nesting places). Make sure your bird feeder does not have excess spillage. That’s like feeding the rodents steak!! Check all the gaps between aluminum, wood and vinyl trim around the windows and doors. They may need caulking. Check the weather stripping around your garage door as well. Also, any trees that drop fruits or acorns should be raked up and discarded routinely. That is another reason for mice to come inside, because most of their food source is gone, the plants and seeds that they were feeding on and they need new sources, one of them being your home.

    Mice are such great climbers that they can gain entry almost anywhere. And even if the space is not big enough, they will chew through pretty much anything to gain entry. They can chew wires, insulation, wood, molding, etc. So besides sealing up any crack or crevice with caulk, you can also use expanding foam, steel wool and even wire mesh. If there is a hole or opening that a pen or pencil could fit through, the chances are good so could a mouse. Install good thick weather stripping on the bottom of all doors to prevent the little rodents from entering. While garage doors may prove difficult to seal entirely, make double sure the door going into your home is nice and tight.

    And remember, part of our routine service agreement for customers is the baiting and treatment of rats and mice. This includes inspection and signs by our trained professionals when we come out for service. And don’t forget, they’re not cute and adorable like Mickey and Minnie! They definitely don’t sing or dance or wear matching outfits! The common house mouse is usually gray in color but some do appear darker and they are no more than two inches in length and weigh only about an ounce. The white footed mouse or house mouse/deer mouse can also transmit Lyme’s disease.

    Do bug’s go south for the winter?

    No, that’s definitely not the case. If it were true, SWAT and its employees would close up shop and be in Florida with them! There are some customers who think there are no bugs in winter. There are still plenty of ants, spiders, silver fish, stink bugs, box elders and mice that are looking to keep warm inside your home. Actually, they start moving indoors as early as late summer into fall as soon as the temperature starts dropping. They are looking to use your walls, attic, and basements as their winter retreat.

    There really isn’t any way to totally pest proof your home, but you can help make it difficult for them to get in by sealing as many cracks and holes on the outside of your home. Like people, pests are affected by excessive cold, heat, lack of rain and they will do whatever is necessary to survive, even if it means coming into your home or place of business to avoid unfavorable conditions on the outside. And, too much rain means insects are looking to stay dry. Ants are known for moving an entire colony on very short notice, just to stay dry!